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Once Upon a Time...

How I started...


When I was eight, I used to go into the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, get my Mom's cookbook down and make cakes. My mom never liked cooking, so it was natural for me just to step in and fill those shoes, exploring my desire to create.


​I've always had a love of baking since then. While never fulfilling my dream of becoming a domestic science teacher, I went on to make cakes for my family and friends over the years. I worked in professional bakeries - Druckers, Browns Bakery and Wedges - over a period of five years when in my thirties.


I homeschooled my children for 18 years, then after a painful divorce from my ex-husband, I went back to college to retrain, earning an FDQ Level 3 in Bakery Management. 

I also have a Foundational Teaching Course Level 3, Bakery Health and Hygiene - all gained recently.


I met and married my wonderful George in 2013; he bought our home with the intention of encouraging me to fulfil my other dream - opening my own small business and continuing my passion of creating new cakes and sweets.


We opened Cakes from the Cottage in August 2014. My little home bakery received a full 5-star rating from Dudley Environmental Council, and I can't wait to expand and reach for the stars from here.

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